pups for sale

Pups For Sale

We do not always have pups for sale, particularly not during our Winter months. Here in Manitoba, it is not unusual to have temperatures 40 below (Fahrenheit and Celsius) for 2-3 week stretches. Our pups are mostly ready to go to their new environments starting in the Spring, through till about July.


adults for sale

Adults For Sale

If you are looking for a good dog (either gun and/or trails) for the fall, this is the time to contact us. Our dogs are running long and hard now, and although not trial ready, they are in excellent condition. Don't wait till hunting season starts and then suddenly decide you need a good dog.


care advice

Care Advice

We cannot stress enough that it is crucial you have a good working relationship with your veterinarian, based on common trust and values. Don't get taken in by a clinic with all the modern bells and whistles, with lots of personnel (all that comes out of your pocket in the end).


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At Branko's Beagles we take great pride in the dogs we have bred in the past, and the dogs we are breeding for the future.

The focus of our breeding always has been and always will be a working beagle. Having said that, our beagles not only are excellent field dogs, they make wonderful pets. Their intelligence and health are unsurpassed.

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Branko's BeaglesBranko's Beagles

Branko's BeaglesBranko's Beagles

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