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General Health

  • Have common sense when it comes to your dogs' health. If you think there is a problem, try to think back as to where you have been, what your dog could have eaten. If your dog is ill, take his temperature, since that will tell you if he has an infection, either bacterial or viral. Bring as much detail with you to your vet as you can. Should you suspect something wrong with his stool, bring as fresh a sample as you can in a plastic bag for your vet.
  • When you get recommend a multi-thousand dollar solution, drop me a line/give me a call. We had someone whose vet had recommend a $5,000 operation for their dog. Through our experience, we saved them $4,500 and the dog totally recovered with minimal treatment from the vet.
  • Make sure your dog doesn't get too fat. In a healthy dog you can freely feel the ribs, but not see them (if only we would follow this advise for ourselves…)! On the other hand, a skinny dog whose ribs stick out, whose hip bones stick out, is prone to all sorts of illness and parasites. Please see Feeding for more information.
  • Look after his/her teeth. Get the little brush on a “condom” like rubber you slip over your finger, and brush his teeth weekly (no toothpaste required, the “dog toothpaste” is for the owners benefit/feel good, rather than the dog).
  • ALWAYS keep your vaccinations, deworming and heartworm prevention up to date. Absolutely no excuses for this one. Please see Bitches and Vaccinations for more information.

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pups for sale

Beagle Pups For Sale

We do not always have pups for sale, particularly not during our Winter months. Here in Manitoba, it is not unusual to have temperatures 40 below (Fahrenheit and Celsius) for 2-3 week stretches. Our pups are mostly ready to go to their new environments starting in the Spring, through till about July.


adults for sale

Beagle Adults For Sale

We have decided to part with some of our outstanding females at this time. Whether you are looking for a good gundog or trial dog, contact us. We will try our best to find you a female that will suit your particular circumstance. Some running, younger dogs may also become available.



Branko's BeaglesBranko's Beagles

Ruger and Diesel

Dec 2012

They both have beautiful voices, Deisel has a bawl/squall and Ruger has a hard chop. Both use their mouth correctly. I have watched a bunny make a short loop then run back on the same line it just ran minutes earlier and watch the pups hit that point,(slow down with fresh tracks going both directions), and walk down the line without barking until they hit the point the rabbit left and when they are sure they have the bunny , then open and continue the race. Both are capable of pushing a rabbit until it holes, pick up checks, and jump their own rabbits. I am still amazed at how easy they both were to start and at how well they are doing at this young age.

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