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I cannot stress enough that it is crucial you have a good working relationship with your veterinarian, based on common trust and values. Don't get taken in by a clinic with all the modern bells and whistles, with lots of personnel (all that comes out of your pocket in the end). A common sense vet (as is a common sense doctor for yourself) is very important.

Branko's Beagles

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pups for sale

Beagle Pups For Sale

We do not always have pups for sale, particularly not during our Winter months. Here in Manitoba, it is not unusual to have temperatures 40 below (Fahrenheit and Celsius) for 2-3 week stretches. Our pups are mostly ready to go to their new environments starting in the Spring, through till about July.


adults for sale

Beagle Adults For Sale

We have decided to part with some of our outstanding females at this time. Whether you are looking for a good gundog or trial dog, contact us. We will try our best to find you a female that will suit your particular circumstance. Some running, younger dogs may also become available.



Branko's BeaglesBranko's Beagles


October 2014 (photo left)

She is doing just great! She is super smart and very affectionate, and has become a beloved member of the family. The kids and I took her to puppy school at the Winnipeg Humane Society. She loves playing with other dogs, and there is a five month old puppy two houses down from us, they get together a few times a week to run around and wrestle in our back yard.


May 2014 (photo right)

IFC. Branko’s Spot 2nd X Branko’s Charmaine. Congratulations to his owner R.J. for doing so well with Scout in trials. A heck of a good dog.

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