F.C. Branko's Al Capone

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f.c. branko's jackpot

int. ft. ch. branko's trade sign

branko's watch me sizzle

f.c. branko's Al Capone

int. ft. ch. branko's lumberjack

ft. ch. branko's mts

mud river my girl popeye

F.C. Branko’s Al Capone is a great little hound. We hope to get some litters out of him this coming spring ( 2018). He has a very good ability to slow down, run that line, and solve a check where other hounds might be going a bit too quick. We like Al Capone an awful lot, easy in the kennel ( with his uncle MTM), and super affectionate with us.

birthdate: February 1, 2013| size: 13"