F.C. Branko's ALI ALFA

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FD. CH. Branko’s Copper Boy

ifc branko's ali baba

Branko’s Double Ann

f.c. branko's ALI ALFA

Ft. Ch. Branko's MTM

Branko's Perpetuum Mobile

Branko's Little Miss Pepper

F.C. Branko's Ali Alfa was conceived using frozen semen from IFC Branko's Ali Baba. This was frozen in 2002. Strong, excellent built, and above all, super in the field. F.C. Branko's Ali Alfa can run endlessly, has plenty of speed but can also put on a show on the check.

F.C. Branko's Ali Alfa will start breeding Spring 2023. We are excited to have him home again, and look forward to a few selected breedings.

birthdate: May 25, 2018| size: 13 Inch