hbch branko's baba clyde (deceased)

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ft. ch. branko's copper boy

int. ft. ch. branko's ali-baba

branko's double ann

hbch branko's baba clyde

ft. ch. boomer of pineheart

branko's crystal clear

dotty of branko


It is with great sadness and sorrow that we announce the passing of HBCH Branko`s Baba Clyde. Clyde was a dog who 'grew' on us: both Denny & Jackie Dugan, and ourselves, Branko & Frieda Krpan. He was a hound who was a joy to own both as a field dog (hunting and trials alike) and as a reproducer. But more so, as an individual. Clyde had more than his fair share of adversity. He contracted a most unusual illness approximately 4 years ago. A long grass seed sent through the skin of his ribs, into his lungs, and caused a massive infection. Denny took him to an animal clinic affiliated with the University, where they opened up his entire chest exactly as you would with open heart surgery. They found the seed, flushed out his chest. Stapled him back up, left a drain coming out of his ribcage, and we all kept our fingers crossed. Due to the great care given to him by Denny and Jackie, Clyde totally recovered. His spunk and personality certainly hadn't suffered and till the day he was put to sleep, all we had to do was give him some squeaky toys and he'd play like a puppy. Please click on the images below to view enlargements.

birthdate: February 28, 2001| size: 15"