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f.c. branko's blue rider (sold)

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ft. ch. branko's magnum force

ft. ch. branko's kasey

branko's hurricane holly

f.c. branko's blue rider

int. ft. ch. branko's lumberjack

branko's c.c. and seven

branko's baba janet

There are now 3 Field Champions in the litter that Rider is out of. F.C. Branko’s Blue Rider, Ft. Ch. Branko’s Bronson and Ft.Ch. Branko’s Cornflower. All the careful breeding for many generations is reflected right here. Not only careful breeding but knowing your dogs and having that critical eye is what can produce good dogs. Rider is throwing handsome pups, some blueticks. They are excellent running dogs with many of the same traits as Rider & his own littermates. The influence of Ft.Ch. Branko’s Kasey is very visible.

birthdate: April 20, 2007| size: 15"