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F.C. Branko's Genghis Khan

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F.C. Branko's Genghis Khan

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Branko's C.C. and Seven

Khan is one of our newest F.C. in the kennel, and we are extremely proud of this wonderful hound. He is as complete a hound you’ll ever want. On the hunting front: he hunts extremely hard, never quits looking for the game. Once he finds the rabbit he never loses it. He pursues the rabbit according to the book….: as if to catch it. But, he doesn’t swing or get rough, or wants the front at any cost. He just does it right. In trial he many times impressed the judges by correcting other rough hounds. He is built very, very correctly. Superior feet, well balanced, super set of legs, deep and wide chest. We are looking forward to his pups.

birthdate: May 12, 2011| size: 15"