int. ft. ch. branko's hammer (deceased)

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branko's phantom of the opera

2x nat. & akc f.c. branko's one tuff ombre

ft. ch. branko's poetry in motion

int. ft. ch. branko's hammer

branko's big leroy brown

ft. ch. branko's sweet magnolia

branko's whiskers


LIKE FATHER LIKE SON! It gives us great pleasure and satisfaction... Int. Ft. Ch. Branko's Hammer won the 15 inch male class at the AKC NATIONAL, LARGE PACK COMPETITION at Sandy Creek, New York, in November 2009. Int. Ft. Ch. Branko's Hammer has a running style very, very similar to F.C. Branko`s One Tuff Ombre -- they love the chase, they love the hunt, and they are as true a gundog as you`ll ever get. Hammer has that innate desire you can never teach a dog. They have to have it in them to find the rabbit, chase the rabbit, and hopefully catch the rabbit. Hammer has lots of foot but as he`s proven at Sandy Creek, sure knows when to gear it down. Hammer shines on the snow, where the dog has to have the ability to go fast when needed, or go slow, when needed. Where the hound has to have that excellent nose, but knows how to use it, right! We expect 15 inch sized dogs from him. Stud fee is $250 USD (payable with breeding). All females must be tested negative for brucellosis. All females must be fully vaccinated and treated against fleas.

birthdate: January 14, 2004| size: 15"