ft. ch. branko's jimmy d (no longer breeding)

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ft. ch. branko's magnum force

ft. ch. branko's kasey

branko's hurricane holly

ft. ch. branko's jimmy d

int. ft. ch. branko's ali-baba

branko's arctic cool

int. ft. ch. branko's sassy sally

Ft.Ch. Branko’s Jimmy is quite the producer. He will be siring a number of litters at home this year. His background speaks for itself ( Ft.Ch. Branko’s Jack of All Trades, IFC. Branko’s Ali-Baba, Ft.Ch. Branko’s Kasey etc. etc. The dams in his background are all superior females, incl IFC. Branko’s Sassy Sally.) Jimmy D. likes speed, likes the competition, still accurate and a superior gundog. We look forward to his pups.

birthdate: February 13, 2008| size: N/A