ft. ch. branko's lumbers last dance (deceased)

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ft. ch. branko's lumbers last dance

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branko's geena


With heavy heart we had to put Ft.Ch. Branko's Lumbers Last Dance to sleep. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour. For the sake of the dog, we couldn't let him suffer. He was a great hound on snow, in the kennel, and we were honoured to have bred him, and have him as a stud. There is nothing that makes one love the breed more, than a dog like Dance was.

Ft. Ch. Branko's Lumbers Last Dance is from one of Lumberjacks' last litters, and may well be from one of the best litters Lumberjack ever produced. Littermate Ft. Ch. Branko's MTM has shown his "stuff" (placing 2nd at the 2009 AKC Nationals). The 3rd Ft. Ch. in this litter is Ft. Ch. Branko's MTS. And then there are 2 more males from this litter... equally as good. Ft. Ch. Branko's Lumbers Last Dance is as honest a hound as you'll ever get. When Dance opens up, you know 100 percent to get your gun ready. Dance is a snowhound supreme in the tradition of some of the great ones: Int. Ft. Ch. Branko's Lumberjack, Int. Ft. Ch. Branko's Heli-Prop (video for purchase), Ft. Ch. Branko's Jack of All Trades. To be a great snowhound takes a super nose, and lots of brains. To be a great snowhound the "robot type" dog need not apply. Dance is a gentleman of a dog, a joy in the kennel and gets along with all dogs. We certainly look forward to his litters and plan to keep a number of his pups. We are exceedingly pleased with his pups. He now has his first Field Champion, Ft. Ch. Branko's Dubonnet (see Gallery), sire before he was finished for his Ft. Ch. His pups are tall, handsome, friendly and above all, early starters with superior noses and lots of brain. We are excited about dance as a sire..

birthdate: May 3, 2006| size: 15"