F.C. Branko's Matrix

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int. ft. ch. branko's lumberjack

FT. Ch. Branko's MTM

mud river my girl popeye

f.c. branko's Matrix

branko's cyrano

Branko's Little Miss Pepper

mud river my girl popeye

Matrix is a dog that is a solid dog, every which way. He is outstanding in line control and on the check. He has plenty of speed. He runs much like his sire, MTM. His dam, Pepper has some IFC Branko’s Heli Prop in her, and that also shows in Matrix. The photo’s show in young ( 2015) after a 12 hours run, and more mature ( 2020). We are expecting litters from him starting Spring 2020. Matrix will be an excellent cross to some of our fast, 13 inch females.

birthdate: --| size: 13"