branko's mr. bo jangles (NO LONGER BREEDING)

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ft. ch. branko's jack of all trades

int. ft. ch. branko's lumberjack

branko's abigail

branko's mr. bo jangles

int. ft. ch. branko's ali-bab

branko's baba snowbird

branko's crystal clear

Although Bo Jangles hasn't been to trials, he’s a champion for us. A dog in the same vein as his famous sire, Int. Ft.Ch. Branko’s Lumberjack and his grandsire, Ft.Ch. Branko’s Jack of All Trades. He’s tough as nails, runs long and hard, doesn't know when to quit, can run a hare down if need be, superior nose, and just plain exciting to watch. Many who have come here and seen him run would like to buy him. However, Branko’s Mr. Bo Jangles will never leave from here. His pups are full bodied, strong and very good looking, with great outgoing characters. We will be using Mr. Bo Jangles for a few litters in Spring 2014.

birthdate: April 7, 2006| size: 15"