ft. ch. branko's mtm

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ft. ch. branko's jack of all trades

int. ft. ch. branko's lumberjack

branko's abigail

ft. ch. branko's mtm

int. ft. ch. branko's casanova

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branko's geena ann

Ft. Ch. Branko's MTM will sire his first pups in our kennel in 2011. He already has some outstanding 1 year olds (born 2010) in New York. MTM is an absolutely gentleman in the kennel and a great dog to own. He has no faults in the field: runs hard, searches hard, runs the line close when need be, super check hound. We expect great things from him. As his sister, Ft. Ch. Branko's MTS, their great breeding's shows in them and will in their pups. As his brother Ft. Ch. Branko's Lumbers Last Dance and his littersister Ft. Ch. Branko's MTS, etc., his first offspring has placing, even though MTM has had very limited breedings. Once again, good, though full breeding brings results. We will have pups in 2014 from MTM.

birthdate: May 3, 2006| size: 13"