2x nat. & akc f.c. branko's one tuff ombre (deceased)

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ft. ch. branko's copper boy

branko's phantom of the opera

branko's conna

2x nat. & akc f.c. branko's one tuff ombre

ft. ch. branko's jack of all trades

ft. ch. branko's poetry in motion

ft. ch. branko's pretty freckles


2 x National and F.C. Branko's One Tuff Ombre was the type of dog, everyone should own once in a life-time. Tuffy was a young starter, and just never looked back. He hunted hard, and hunted long when you let him. His voice was something else: Hard, booming voice, that would make the ‘trees shake”. It was no accident he received the award for “mouth of the south” when he was in Louisiana. In the AKC Nationals, Large Pack, he placed 2nd as a 2 year old in the U.P. of Michigan, placed 1st as a 3 year old in the U.P. of Michigan, and 1st as a 4 year old in N.H. Keep in mind that none of these places were his home running grounds, and we had to travel far, sometimes by airplane, to get there. Tuffy was a most pleasurable dog to handle, run and gun over. His intelligence and common sense are luckily passed along to a number of his off spring still in the kennel. Terry McBride handled Tuffy a bit and loved him. When Terry would run his other dogs in the enclosure by his house, Tuffy would climb out of and 8ft. high pen, go to the enclosure, scale the fence there, and join the other dogs…. Then he was happy!!! It has been a privilege to have owned and bred Tuffy, and we have a special place for him in our hearts. *** Tuffy's daughter out of Branko's Prairie Rose won the 2008 Futurity 15 inch Females. His daughter out of Branko's Ella-Ella won the 2008 AKC Nationals 15 Inch Females. Branko's Prairie Rose and Branko's Ella-Ella are littermate sisters by Ft. Ch. Branko's Poetry in Motion and F.C. Branko's Baba Cowboy. *** Tuffy is one of those hounds that comes along once in a while. As breeders, we always strive to not only produce good dogs, we look to produce the excellent ones. Tuffy is one of the excellent ones. As true breeders, there is no greater sense of satisfaction than knowing you did right. His record in the field speaks for itself: He placed 2nd in the AKC Nat. Large Pack Championship, as a 2 year old. He then won this event 2 years in a row: as a 3 year old and as a 4 year old. He placed and won this prestigious event in Northern Michigan, in circumstances where the dogs can really stretch out and motor. Where the dog has to be in superior condition and where the dog has to built just right. He then went on the win in New Hampshire, where the running was tough, and only those dogs with good noses could shine. There weren't very many rabbits at this trial (some were caught by the very original pack) and Tuffy did what we know he can do. Run that line and disregard anything else. Tuffy is a joy to have in the kennel. He is a real gentleman, in the tradition of Ft. Ch. Branko's Jack of All Trades, Int. Ft. Ch Branko's Lumberjack, Int. Ft. Ch. Branko's Heli-Prop, Int. Ft. Ch. Branko's Ali-Baba and Int. Ft. Ch. Branko's Casanova ( litter mate brother to Tuffy's sire, Phantom of the Opera). His pedigree on his dams' side, reads like a “who is who”, and some of these bitches have never received the recognition they should have. Ft. Ch. Branko's Pretty Freckles was a full 15 inch, blue tick female, who produced exceptional dogs. Anna's Ann is legendary in her reproducing ability. So is Ft. Ch. Branko's Collect-Call Girl. Tuffy's dam, Ft. Ch. Branko's Poetry in Motion has champions to her name. Tuffy's looks are that of the way a (working) beagle should look. His set of leg is exceptional, beautiful houndy head, deep chest, excellent spring of rib. His feet are close/tight, absolutely necessary for a running dog. His bite is perfect (scissor bite). Too many dogs wing out at the shoulder, not this boy! In the woods you know by the voice when Tuffy is in the woods! Primarily a deep, deep chop. When he was trialled in the Deep South, he won the McLin trophy for the “Mouth of the South”. We would like to thank Joe Brzezinski and Terry McBride for handling Tuffy for us some of the time. Tuffy's pups are doing very well. Reference available. Stud fee is $400 USD (payable with breeding). All females must be tested negative for brucellosis. All females must be fully vaccinated and treated against fleas.

birthdate: April 11, 1999| size: 15"