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Believe it or not, but there are still pups dying out there of Parvo Virus. This is so totally unnecessary, if the proper precautions are taken and a strict vaccination regime is put into practice. However, there is also some thought now that we tend to over vaccinate. Therefore, the question is: What is enough and what is too much?

Here is what we practice, in consultation with our veterinarian. I cannot stress enough that it is vitally important you have a really good working relationship with a veterinarian whom you can trust. A veterinarian who will educate you, not overcharge you, and in return, you will not question his/her capabilities.


5-way (includes: Parvo, Corona, Adeno, Parainfluenza, Distemper)

  • First shot - 5 weeks of age
  • Second shot - 7 weeks of age
  • Third shot - 12 weeks of age
  • Fourth shot - 16 weeks of age
  • Yearly from there on in


  • First shot - 12 weeks (4 month) of age
  • Second shot - within 1 year of the first one
  • Every other year from there on in


  • Every year with the 5-way (or other multiple vaccine if you wish)
  • Every other year with Rabies

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pups for sale

Beagle Pups For Sale

We do not always have pups for sale, particularly not during our Winter months. Here in Manitoba, it is not unusual to have temperatures 40 below (Fahrenheit and Celsius) for 2-3 week stretches. Our pups are mostly ready to go to their new environments starting in the Spring, through till about July.


adults for sale

Beagle Adults For Sale

We have decided to part with some of our outstanding females at this time. Whether you are looking for a good gundog or trial dog, contact us. We will try our best to find you a female that will suit your particular circumstance. Some running, younger dogs may also become available.



Branko's BeaglesBranko's Beagles


Jun 2011 (photo left)

I was playing around snapping photos with a new lens and got a few of Hunter snuggled in a ball between my son's legs. Hunter seems to have taken up with both of them and welcomed them to the pack.


Jun 2011 (photo right)

My family brought home Maggie 8 years ago from your location, and I just wanted to share a photo! She's doing great!

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